Introduction to the work of Justin Ortiz, Caesura Mag (2022)
        Michael St. John’s “The Passions,” at de boer gallery, Caesura Mag (2021)
        On Art and Freedom, Caesura Mag (2021)
        Disjecta Membra: Mad Love by André Breton, Caesura Mag (2021)
        “Root-Bound” by JPW3 at Night Gallery, Caesura Mag (2021)
        Lauren Quin in “Quickening” at Smart Objects, Caesura Mag (2021)
        Disjecta Membra: Georges Bataille’s “Story of the Eye”, Caesura Mag (2021)
        Milano Chow at Bel Ami, Caesura Mag (2020)
        Response to Adam Lehrer’s Art’s Moral Fetish, Caesura Mag (2020)
        Angel of Kindness, Have You Tasted Hate?: On Darja BajagićCaesura Mag (2020)

        Jon Rafman’s Dream Journal: Panel Discussion, Caesura Mag (2020)

        OST for “Punctured Sky” by Jon Rafman (2021) 
        Blisshole Vol. II (2020)
        Blisshole Vol. I (2019)
        Figure With Meat (2019)
        Los Angeles* (2019)


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